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Bond issue

Bond issues of all kinds

We are able to prepare various types of bond issues for our clients:

We emphasize the analysis of the client’s specific economic and business needs. For dematerialized bonds, we work closely with WOOD & Company, an investment firm.

In specific cases where the issue of bonds has turned out as unsuitable for achieving the client’s economic goals we prepared a fully individualized issue of investment certificates which are innominate securities.

Selected reference transactions:

  1. Advisory services for a major Prague developer regarding the issue of secured bonds worth CZK 300 million denominated in Czech crowns. The position of bond owners is strengthened by the security interest over the issuer’s shares, security interest over the issuer’s receivable from the project company, and security interest over the properties in favor of the Security Agent.

  2. Complete service for the issue of senior bonds and subordinated debentures worth CZK 80 million in total for a developer group, KKIG, for the purpose of implementation of a development residential project called Rezidence Korunovační

  3. Complete service for the issue of bonds worth CZK 50 million for a major developer group for an acquisition of a company owning a shopping center building in Zlín.

  4. Proposal of the structure and implementation of the issue of investment certificates of WOOD Venture with total nominal value US$ 410,000 for investments in different US-based startup projects.

  5. Proposal of the structure and implementation of the issue of investment certificates for the purpose of acquisition of a minority share in pharmaceutical group Pilulka Lékárny a.s.

Our attorneys specializing in this area of the law:

Mgr. Vojtěch Láska, LL.M.

founding partner+420 605 204 646 laska@klblegal.cz

JUDr. David Kuboň

founding partner+420 773 870 220kubon@klblegal.cz

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