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We relentlessly defend the interests of investors who have lost their savings due to fraudulent practices, incompetence or negligence of financial institutions.

We offer highly specialized advice in the area of regulation and compliance of financial services. We also represent our clients in licence and sanctions proceedings against regulators.

We represent our clients so as to ensure full and fair compensation for them, bringing to justice those who failed to perform their duty.

Our services and clients

Compensation claims and protection of personal rights

  • Employees and job-seekers facing discrimination
  • Victims of traffic accidents
  • Victims of sports injuries
  • Victims of medical malpractice
  • Consumers damaged by faulty products
  • Employees suffering illness or injury
  • Survivors in the event of death of the damaged person

Securities fraud law

  • Defrauded investors
  • Damaged clients of financial institutions
  • Damaged or prosecuted employees of financial institutions

Financial law, collective investment and capital market law

  • Securities
  • Compliance and regulation
  • Pensions reform
  • Funds of qualified investors
  • MiFID II
  • Remuneration of employees of financial institutions, investment intermediaries and tied agents
  • Administrative and legal proceedings in cases related to capital market

Management of receivables and recovery of assets

  • Checking the trustworthiness of a business partner before concluding a contract
  • Preparing standard contract documentation
  • Assessing the enforceability of receivables
  • Proposing solutions and efficient management of mature receivables
  • All forms of judicial enforcement of receivables, including control over execution proceedings

Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions

  • Incorporation of companies and oversight of their proper functioning
  • Assuring the necessary permits to enter in business
  • Modifications of companies (registered capital, bodies, bylaws)
  • Acquisition of shareholding interests
  • Company transformation – mergers, changes in legal form, division, spin-off
  • Winding up

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JUDr. David Kuboň
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